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Choosing home windows in Reno, Tahoe, Truckee and surrounding areas can be a daunting and overwhelming task and the reasons driving your purchase can differ greatly. Appearance, deterioration, noise reduction and energy efficiency are just a few. By focusing on the unique needs of your project, we are able to tailor specific solutions. Whether you are replicating a hundred-year-old window, or yearning for the innovative and unusual, we can make your ideas into window and door reality. Our satisfied customers are the ones most engaged and educated about the crucial selection of windows and doors in their homes.

Brite Glass has narrowed the field to a trusted few, carefully selected, window and door manufacturers that have proven their commitment to quality and customer service. Our window manufacturers include Weather Shield, Marvin, Marvin Integrity, Milgard and All Weather. Our climate is one the most demanding and extreme, requiring windows that can withstand our severe daily temperature variations and gusting winds. Put our vast product knowledge to work for you in choosing the appropriate window and door products to meet your needs.

A well chosen window and door offers benefits of healthier living and comfort in addition to the aesthetics.   Beyond energy efficiency, beyond beauty, windows and doors are carefully placed to maximize enjoyment of healthier living.

Air quality is typically thought of as an outdoor issue. But indoor air can have two to five times the level of pollutants as the outside air. Inhibitors such as mold spores, dust, cleaning chemicals, pet dander and off-gassing from carpet or furniture contribute to the high amount of pollutants. Americans spend as much as 90% of their time indoors and having access to natural ventilation can greatly improve the quality of air breathed. When properly placed, operable windows provide access to clean, fresh air for occupants as needed. This natural ventilation flushes out stale air, which is particularly important in tightly sealed buildings.

Is there a side of your house that gets icy blasts of wind? Consider non-operating windows such as picture windows and radius windows on that side. These are among the best options for keeping the elements out of your home while letting natural light in. Keep in mind that smaller windows will be more efficient in these situations.

In a bathroom, you probably will want at least one operable window to vent moisture so you don’t have to rely solely on a fan.


Lake Tahoe Custom Home Windows

Proudly offering Milgard® window & door products.

Milgard offers award-winning windows and doors to fit your climate with hardware that blends form and function. We are proud to offer their amazing line of products. They produce all vinyl and fiberglass frame materials in-house, and can more closely monitor for quality control. Every window component, from hardware to window glass, is developed from hours of testing and attention to detail. With incredible precision, we offer windows and doors that are built for long-lasting comfort. Industry experts have consistently recognized Milgard as a trusted brand. They have been named “Best Quality Vinyl in the Nation” eight times and “Most Used Vinyl Window” five times by BUILDER magazine. Also named “Most Preferred Vinyl Window” three times by both Professional Remodeler and Professional Builder.

Brite Glass is proud to feature our Marvin Window and Door Showroom.

We have partnered with Marvin at the same location for the past 22 years. Our convenient Reno Showroom will allow architects, builders and homeowners to view and operate all products. Brite Glass has narrowed the field to a trusted few carefully selected window and door manufacturers that have proven their commitment to quality and customer service. Our climate is one of the most demanding and extreme; it requires windows that can withstand our severe daily temperature variations and gusting winds. We are also a Marvin authorized installing retailer, with an in-house design team, specializing in thinking outside the box. With an honest, ethical approach in all our business activities, we encourage and support the best practices in our market while exceeding our customers’ expectations.